Just to say a BIG thank you.

As you know I was very concerned about getting a live band for by sons wedding celebrations. Although I have promoted concerts with some major bands in the past, for a wedding we felt a mixed genre of music would be good. Days were spent researching set lists of bands on various web sites and agency’s. A few things stood out with Absolute, “live not studio” mp3 recordings a great variety on a very large set list. I then made contact with a number of agents but on contacting like it lives Geoff Walker (who stood out head and shoulders) it was obvious he wanted our day to go well and would do all he could to accommodate our requirements in fact all the things a wedding planner is looking for with a large mixed age group invited.

Still very anxious on the day they kicked into the first one hour set. We could not believe how good they sounded! Come the second set we had a happy bunch of dancers (how did Steve hit the notes?) Every song rendition of the evening was spot on. The comments from the guests were all positive even those we could not get on the dance floor. What a great night.” Absolute”? Absolutely.

So if your reading this I am a genuine client who spent days researching for a wedding band. Save yourself some time and heartache and call like it live, you will not be disappointed.

Kevin Sawyer, wedding party at The Warren in Bromley – 28th September 2012